client feedback

We take great pride in providing the highest level of service for our clients. We truly make each and every client, both large and small, feel like family. Because, when you are a client of Rogue Valley Tax Service you are part of our family.

Karen O. "We have been using Jay to do our taxes for 6 years now. We started with him when we had to file a farm return for our new horse breeding business. His interview made sure that we got every deduction. He makes taxes almost fun, and we look forward to meeting with him each year"

David S. "A friend recommended Jay to me. I was paying a CPA over $800 to do my taxes. I only had a couple of commercial buildings for lease and a rental property, but it is what I always paid so I had never questioned it. Rogue Valley Tax only charged me $320 my first year, and it has gone down as a returning customer each year. Jay got to know my situation and I feel confident about my tax preparation with him."

J.S. "We first had Jay do our taxes in 2011. We were referred to him by our social worker because we had just finalized an adoption and since he is also an adoptive parent we knew he would be able to help us claim the adoption credit. After sitting with us during his tax interview he discovered that we could have also claimed the adoption credit in 2009 when we adopted a special needs foster child. We had got an inexperienced tax preparer at one of the local big tax firm places and they weren't aware of the tax law changes for adoptions for 2009. Jay amended our 2009 and 2010 tax returns and was able to get our family another $12,150. We are so happy we have Jay as our tax guy."

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